Let’s have a simply amazing wedding! They are amazing…but why? Simple, It involves love and who doesn’t love “love”.

A wedding is unique. It’s the only occasion when a couple will stand in front of their favourite family and friends and declare publicly that they love this person standing with them. A wedding celebration is often the culmination of months of planning and sometimes stress but on this one day you will join together in marriage and declare your love and commitment for each other.
Amongst the poems, the asking, the vows, the tears of joy will be the legal joining of 2 people. That’s what makes it different from any other ceremony, it’s legal.

Whether you have 4 people or 400 the legalities are the same, the passion and caring I put into writing your ceremony is the same. You only have one wedding day, make memorable for all the right reasons.

Your Ceremony, Your Way

You don’t get your wedding day back, it’s not a rehearsal, it’s the real thing and it’s the beginning of something truly wonderful.
Let me make it the ceremony you want, it’s your ceremony, your way – right from the start.