There is so much uncertainty and confusion for many, and so many contradictions in information being provided from all sorts of directions. We have three tiers of government and information is not always consistent between them e.g. parks were open, then closed, then open and then closed again within 24 hours.

The good news is that if you were planning to marry, you have two options.

The first is to go ahead but with the ceremony but with just 5 people including yourselves present but others joining via video link. This is a great option because it enables your married life to begin and you can have the bigger celebration with everyone present later when this health crisis is over.

The other option is of course to postpone.

There is usually no problem in doing so, just be aware that postponement dates are filling quickly and so if you wish to postpone, set your date as quickly as possible because when this virus blows over, there will be people scrambling for dates.

The current official advice for NSW is that:

A wedding can have 5 people, and funerals can have just 10 mourners plus the celebrant and the funeral director and so for a wedding that is the couple, the two witnesses and the Celebrant.

I am still taking bookings for legal size weddings (max. 5 people), many are calling them elopement style wedding ceremonies

I have conducted several weddings since the covid outbreak, a couple were medium size events on the beaches down the south coast, then the restrictions came into place and rather than not marry on their chosen date they went ahead with the legal restrictions in place. The same care was applied to their ceremony. We even made the Canberra times as the grooms were from the ACT. Another was performed on my back deck overlooking St George’s Basin. The bride and groom wanted to keep their marriage ceremony to their special day and I’ve agreed to perform a renewal of vows in front of family and friends next year on the same date.

So people can still get married as long as there is an appropriate legal notice and the couple are two consenting persons who meet the eligibility criteria of being over the age of 18 and who are not married to anyone else.